The Sears Holiday Shop

Did you know that Sears has a holiday shop? I didn’t until recently, but was very excited to check it out! I love looking at and shopping for Christmas decor. It is always so much fun! I look forward every year to decorating and like to see what’s new in the store each year.

Just recently I bought a small white tree to put in our family room. That got me thinking! I’ll do the upstairs living room area in traditional Christmas colors (which I love), and do our family room in winter whites and silver sparkle! Our white tree is a table top tree. It is decorated with silver and white iridescent ornaments. Lots of glitter and sparkle and shine. Our fireplace mantle is decorated with a winter garland with snowflakes and white winter berries, along with homemade snow globes, candles, all white.

I love looking at things to add to my decor, and the Sears Holiday Shop has so much to see! They had lots of decor to fit right into my two separate looks. Plus many more colors and styles of Christmas decor.

For example-look at these super cute Hello Kitty stockings!

Seriously! What little girl would NOT like Hello Kitty?

They also have a big selection of snowman decor, advent calendars & more!

This Nativity Advent Calendar is a favorite of mine! πŸ™‚

So no matter what your theme or color scheme, the Sears Holiday Shop is a great choice to shop for your holiday decor. Keep that in mind when doing your shopping. Go visit your local Sears or shop right online, its up to you! πŸ™‚

Hey–and don’t forget to visit the Sears Cheer Headquarters and enter to win a Holiday Home Makeover with Ty Pennington! You can also check out the different room looks and styles put together for inspiration. Or you can just go straight to the Holiday shop to shop! Merry Christmas!

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