The Wind Leverager Delta Kite-from Get Childish! {Review}

Look at this super fun kite that I received from Get Childish!

We have lots of windy days here in North Dakota, and flying a kite is a wonderful way to get out there and spend time in the sunshine! ๐Ÿ™‚
Before receiving this kite, we’ve had numerous other kites. They never seemed to fly well, and they never really lasted very long. My girls were super excited when they saw this beautiful Delta Kite in rainbow colors. It is just perfect!

I love that it comes with it’s own bag for carrying around or for storage. That is a must! Read more….


The wind leverager is a beautiful delta kite made of durable outdoor materials such as nylon and resin, which helps the kite fly better and stronger. Flies perfectly on winds of 5-20 mph and is great for flying it on the beach or at the park with your family and friends. Its size is 180 x 90 cmโ€ and is perfect for people of ages 6 and up.

INCLUDES 2 AMAZING BONUSES: Once you buy your new Wind Leverager you will receive as a gift 2 Really cool and useful bonuses. You will receive a beautiful kite bag with handle so that you can carry your kite wherever you go, and a nice kite handle with a long and strong line string so that you can have everything you need to have a fantastic kite flying experience.

The Wind Leverager will hold up for a good long time. It isn’t made of cheap polyester! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check out this short unboxing video. I still need to capture video of us flying it. That would come in handy, I suppose! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is a really super cool kite! Get yours on! ๐Ÿ˜€

I received the Wind Leverager Delta Kite for my honest and unbiased feedback. Opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.

Author: Sandy

19 thoughts on “The Wind Leverager Delta Kite-from Get Childish! {Review}

  1. I bet my kids would love to fly a kite. They haven’t done so just yet. I’ll have to check this one out

  2. These look like so much fun and great quality too! I miss flying kites! Definitely will check them out!!

  3. The Easter Bunny brought J a kite this year, and we haven’t used it yet. We need to get out and enjoy these windy days!!

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