The zucchini is coming!

It looks like we will finally be getting some zucchini soon – I noticed the flowers this morning!

We bought this container so that we could plant some veggies. A first for us, so I had my fingers crossed and was really hoping that it would work! We planted 3 rows. A row of carrots, a row of zucchini, and a row of cucumbers. Well, the carrots didn’t make it. I’m not sure why….and the cucumber is coming along – although only 2 of them are growing. Better than nothing, right?

Well, the zucchini has just taken over. It is zucchini gone wild…LOL! They have really grown, every single seed I planted is a massive zucchini plant now-haha! :mrgreen:

A few pics of the progress! 😀

We planted everything on Mother’s Day…

Mother's Day 2013

The first pic I took of the zucchini growing…


And now….


Yay! We can’t wait to grill some up when it’s ready! 😀

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