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I have been meaning to update the last couple of days, but time has just got away from me.
The weather the last couple of days hasn’t been so bad. It’s been cooler than it has been….which is nice when you have no AC! Ughh! 😛

The inlaws will be here on Wednesday. We go to the airport in S.F. to pick them up early afernoon. They are so excited to be coming, as we are to have them here! 😀 I wonder how Jacey will react to them? She hasn’t seen them since Christmas, and she was just a little thing back then..LOL!
I can’t believe her birthday is Saturday!! Oh my gosh, I’m starting to freak out! My baby is growing up!!!

I have new pics up at Flickr. I am totally obsessed with Flickr…LOL! I LOVE taking pictures and am ALWAYS uploading them there, then joining groups on Flickr, and making friends, and adding contacts, etc, etc.. It’s so much fun!! 😀 If you love taking pictures, and are NOT on Flickr, well then, you SHOULD be!! LOL! 😉

Ok, lets see….what else!??! My Dove Energy Glow Tan is looking good!! lol
Oh my gosh, I love this stuff! Way better than Jergens Natural Glow in my opinion! 😉 I also bought the Dove Energy Glow body lotion for the days I don’t use the Self Tanner Lotion. It smells so good!!

Ok, gonna post. Maybe I’ll remember some more things I wanted to post….

~Siggie by Heart Nuggets~

Author: Sandy

3 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. hi sandy! oh what a cute site!!!! i’m having so much fun with WP! i can’t wait to start trying out some plug ins! thank goodness wplb will be there to help me! i know what you mean about pictures… i just added a bunch of pics to flickr… i’ll have to look into the groups and stuff!

  2. Hi Sandy I hope you enjoy your company! 😯 I can’t imagine not having AC 👿
    Yes thankfully the weather has been nice the past few days, I am lovin it. I do have the Flickr and love it, but I have not joined any groups except one. Have a great weekend. Hugs

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