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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!
I have some more bragging to do on my daughter…LOL! Oh my gosh, is she ever growing up! Another word was said, and it was “hello”. She’s said it several times in the last couple of days. 😀 Also, in the last couple of days, she’s learned to blow kisses, “attempt” to put on her shoes, and yesterday I thinks she attempted to take a step while standing. It was so fast, that I’m pretty sure that’s what it was! LOL! 😉 I took more video of her yesterday, and just need to upload it to dropshots. I’ve added more pics to my flickr as well. 😉

It was a scorcher yesterday, so Jacey and I played out in the back yard in her pool. She loved it, until she started climbing out of her pool. Then all she wanted to do was climb in and out…LOL! Oh, and then she figured she could climb the stairs to the deck, too. 3 steps up, and she did it!!! I have video of that too! It really surprised me that she could do it, but I actually let her do it this time. I usually grab her before she gets the chance.Ha ha!
Well, I am off to refill my empty coffee cup….More later on! Thanks for reading!

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