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Thursday’s Happenings

Today it was so beautiful out. Jacey and I hung out in the front yard today, and enjoyed the sun. I clipped some of the rose bushes, and also took a few pictures of Jacey. You can see some new ones here. 

Later when Brian came home from school, and did his homework, we took him to work. On the way home I stopped by a little roadside stand and bought 2 baskets of cherries. I LOVE cherries! They always have the best cherries at these little stands around here. So, then instead of going home, we took a detour to a park nearby and played for awhile. I, of course, took more pictures of Jacey (something I’m forever doing) lol!! I chatted with another mom at the park, and made a new friend. She actually invited me to come visit her church sometime. Something I will most likey have to do!

Anyways, right now Jace is giving Jacey her bath, and I am having some computer time…LOL! Don’t know what is on tv tonight….probably all reruns. SPeaking of TV! Last night, LOST was really good. The ending had me wondering though.  Gotta love those season finale’s, eh??

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