Time for a haircut

Actually, I am overdue for a haircut. I am always nervous when getting my hair cut. I’ve been to a couple of places that have done a good job, but I’ve yet to find that ONE awesome stylist that I can’t live without..LOL! Actually, I just want to find a stylist that is experienced with curly hair. That’s all I ask…why is it so hard to find? It’s mainly the styling part. I guess it is MY hair, and I’ve had it all of my life-so I can’t expect a stylist to know it all about my hair-especially when their hair is stick straight.

Anyway, I’m thinking of going this short again:


That is the shortest my hair has ever been…but I really liked it. Less fuss! 😉 Well, not a whole lot less since my hair is curly and finicky, but less than when I had long hair all the way down my back.

I will keep you posted! 😉

Author: Sandy

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