Today’s to do list

There are quite a few things I need/want to accomplish today. *Making myself a list*

1. Scan baby photos of Brian and email them to him.
2. Hang pictures and family sign.
3. Mail photos to my parents.
4. Send out postcard for postcrossing.
5. Add photos to album.
6. Update Jadyn’s baby book.

I hope to get most of this done before we head off to Jacey’s swim lesson today. *crosses fingers* *wink*

Author: Sandy

1 thought on “Today’s to do list

  1. Um Baby book update? I’m not sure that I have even written a single thing in Adam’s. Havne’t updated Kadi’s in a LOOOONNNNGGGG time either. Maybe I’ll try to plan on that this weekend. We’ll see.

    Right now I so run ragged and spread VERY thin. Dustin’s vasectomy was yesterday so he isn’t supposed to get off the couch for 2 days for anything but food and bathroom.

    Kadi doesn’t want to listen to him from the couch, so he gets onto her and I have to follow thru with punishments, BLAH!

    AND Adam woke up wide awake to play at 4 am, didn’t fall back asleep until 7:10 am and then Kadi woke up at 8, he followed at 8:30. I propped their butts infront of my tv in the bedroom (so not to wake Dustin on the couch, he didn’t want to even try the stairs) and TRIED to sleep between them fussing, fighting, crying and whining. *sigh* I’m tired.

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