Valentine's Day is near!

VDay Balloons

Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away! I love the whole idea of Valentine’s Day, but I also REALLY love Valentine decor. 😉
This will be the 1st year that I will do some sort of decorating for Valentine’s Day. So far, the girls & I have put doily hearts in different sizes in pink, red, and white on our big window in the front of the house. It looks so cute! I also want to put a Valentine wreath on the front door, but haven’t decided how it will look yet. (I want to make it myself.) 😀

Every year we do lots of crafts. This year we are going to make and decorate picture frames, and probably a few more crafts as well. I also love to take cute photos of the girls!
Here are a few from Valentine’s passed…..

This is Jacey at age 2 1/2. I love this pic!

Jacey & her Valentine Bear!

Jadyn…not quite 2 yet…


There are lots more of the girls on Valentine’s Day (2008-2011) on Flickr!

We do baking every year, too! We love making cupcakes and cookies!

Yummy Valentine Cupcakes!
valentine cupcakes heart cupcake!

I really want to get the girls all dressed up in pinks & reds this year and do photos of them, so stay tuned for photos to come! xoxo

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