Weekend Bargains

Well, this past weekend-I went on my usual bargain hunt! Usually on Saturdays I like to hit the thrift stores around town to see what bargains I can find. Last Saturday I found this (full size) bedding, brand new, still in the package…..for $14.99!!! Oh, and it was a bed-in-a-bag which includes the comforter, 2 shams, and complete sheet set.

I thought it would be so cute in Jadyn’s room (for later on). I’m not ready to changer her room yet, but I couldn’t pass this one up…as I know eventually I will want to re-decorate! πŸ˜‰ :cute: πŸ™‚

I then went on Target’s website-where the bedding is originally from, and found the lamp and curtain panels BOTH on clearance! I was so excited! So whenever I decide to change up Jadyn’s room, I have this whole cute set now! :yes:

Hang on, that isn’t all! I have been searching for some rain boots for Jadyn, but honestly didn’t want to pay $15-$20 for a pair, just for the fact she may not get a whole lot of use out of them. For the life of me, I cannot find Jacey’s old kitty rain boots that she outgrew. I know Jadyn could wear them now, but I can’t find them. πŸ™
The same day that I bought the bedding-at the same store, I also found a pair of hot pink rain boots with orange trim – for Jadyn. They were brand new–just overstock that was donated to the thrift store. They were $4.99! I thought that was a decent price, so I bought them! Now Jacey and Jadyn both have rain boots and raincoats! (see header pic)…
Just as I found the rain boots, I saw a pair of brown suede zip up boots that Jacey could wear in the fall. They, again, were BRAND NEW. Circo boots from Target with the tags attached. They had a LOT of them, so I’m assuming they have some deal with target (?)….Anyways, I found her size and bought them for $4.99 as well.

I was so excited to find these things, and the funny thing was, they were all brand new and never used items. SCORE! :yes: :jump:

The fact that I cannot find those old pink kitty rain boots of Jacey’s is bugging me–so I will make it my mission to find out where the heck they went to! LOL!

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