Welcome Y’all{Hobby Lobby Find!}

Look at this super cute sign that I picked up at Hobby Lobby not too long ago. It was part of their clearance of the “Spring” line. This was 90% off! I paid only $2.99. Isn’t that crazy?I love clearance sales, don’t you!?

Now, if you walk into Hobby Lobby, there may be some great clearance finds left, but you will now mostly see Autumn and Christmas items on the shelves. Are you ready for that? My hobby Lobby started putting all of that out in June. A bit early for my taste…but hey, now it is the middle of August, so maybe it’s okay! 😉

One thought on “Welcome Y’all{Hobby Lobby Find!}

  1. I used to feel the same way about how early Hobby Lobby put out their Christmas. However, I have a side business doing crafts, and I need all of that Christmas and fall decor that early to make up for the fall craft fair season. I understand it now and am one of the people looking for them to put it out!

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