Why Eating Healthily Is Easier Than You Think

Eat healthily? Me? No, I couldn’t possibly! That’s a typical reaction when a person you know mentions the topic of cutting out junk food. It’s not as if you’re indulging in takeout every night, but you do like the freedom to rustle up, or order in, what you like when the moment strikes. Of course, abandoning the bandwagon and upsetting the apple cart only leads to potential health issues, from heart disease to diabetes.

The truth is, eating healthily is easier than most people imagine. If you’re not convinced, here are the features you need to keep in mind.



You Can Still Snack

If anything, healthy snacks make snacking better for you in the long-term. This is because the body requires energy boosts throughout the day, which is why you turn to sugary foods. However, the effect doesn’t last long, and before you know it, your sugar levels are dropping and you’re raiding the fridge again! Foods high on the glycemic index, on the other hand, allow you to nibble at stuff throughout the day without your stomach complaining. As a result, you can strike the perfect balance of still snacking while resisting the temptation to gorge junk food.




And Tasty

The obvious response is, “yes, but they aren’t as delicious.” Okay, a Caesar salad won’t satiate your hunger like a Big Mac from McDonald’s, yet they are apples and oranges. If you want something that will hit the spot, you need a fakeout, or fakeaway, like this naan pizza from Umami Girl. It has all the properties of a traditional pizza, including the flavor, yet it’s healthier as the naan base isn’t as starchy or calorific as a standard dough. And, there are tons of fakeout recipes you can try that are just as satisfying as the usual suspects.


You Get Into A Routine

Breaking a bad habit, such as ordering takeout five times a week, is challenging, and so is getting into the routine of preparing healthy meals. However, after a long, hard look in the mirror, you’ll realize that your brain goes into autopilot mode after a while. Before long, you’ll automatically prep lunch and dinner, and the urge to indulge in fast food won’t be as strong. This self-help from Forbes is an excellent place to begin if you’re unsure!


Eating healthily is easier than you think because you’re stronger than you know. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a cheat meal now and again!

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