Wii Fit Plus–what fun!

Ok, so today will be day 14 of doing Wii Fit Plus. Wow….I am sore! I really do enjoy it, though. It is the perfect way to stay active during the winter here, for sure! I love the games that are on there. I think my favorites are Hula-hoop, skateboarding, kung fu, and snowball fight. I do like a lot of them, though. I really enjoy the strength training and yoga as well. My muscles are really feeling it! For those of you who get bored with exercise (like me), Wii Fit Plus (w/ balance board) is awesome! LOTS of fun! I haven’t got bored yet…LOL!

[–>I would like to give a shout-out to Adiel at KABOODLE for the awesome gift card that you sent me. The balance board and Wii Fit Plus are what I purchased, along with some clothes! Yay! Thanks so much–you rock! :heart: <--]

Author: Sandy

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