Zone Out: How to Divide Up Your Garden

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When it comes to looking at your garden, you should consider the different zones which you can divide it into. For example, you may want a specific area for eating, another one for lounging and a separate space for the kids to play in.

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Creating different garden zones is something that a landscape architect can give you a helping hand with, but there are also a few things that you can consider yourself. So, let’s look at some of your top considerations when creating garden zones.

Varying Surfaces

First of all, you can differentiate between the various zones of the garden with the surfaces that you choose. For example, you could go for a stone material for the dining space which gives you a nice firm setting for tables and chairs. The lounging area’s surface material could be decking, while the play area should be grass so that you don’t have to worry too much about any trips and falls.

Natural and Manmade Boundaries

The most obvious man made boundaries are fencing or walls which you can shade in different colours depending on the space. But you can also use plants to help define the zones as well. One option is to use some high growing potted plants. Another choice is to go for an artificial or real hedge depending on your gardening skills. Try to use different plants for the different zones so you get a clear sense of division.

Think About Vertical Space

You also need to think about the vertical space so you can really give a sense of privacy to each one of your zones. Just some of the things that you could use include screens, arbours, and trellises. However, you may want to have some degree of visibility, particularly in the play zone where you will probably need to keep an eye on your kids.

Don’t Forget About the Elements

One of the main considerations that you don’t want to forget about is how the weather will impact the different zones. For example, in your dining area, you will probably want to choose an area that is sheltered away from any harsh winds. Otherwise, you could find food and drink blowing all over the place! For your lounging area, you will probably want to choose the place that has the most access to sunlight so you can stay warmer for longer. And if you have a separate area where you are growing plants, you don’t want to choose a place that is prone to flooding or damaging winds.

Frequency of Use

You may choose to position zones which are going to be in more frequent use closer to the house, while ones that are not going to be needed as often could be further away. Many people choose to put their decked lounging area directly next to the house so they can easily step straight outside.

Creating zones in your garden helps to give it a sense of balance so try thinking about these five factors before doing so.

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